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Aermeda Herbal Citrus Coffee Scrub Soap Roped

Aermeda Herbal Citrus Coffee Scrub Soap Roped

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With an infusion of energetic essential oils combined with exfoliating coffee and walnut powder to cleanse and nourish all skin types, this soap is perfect for an invigorating shower - the perfect wake up call for your skin.

A specially curated bland of five essential oils result in a refreshing herbal citrus aroma, combined to give astringent, toning, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial benefits.

Formulated with skin soothing, hydrating oils and butters of Shea and Cocoa to produce a luxurious lather leaving the skin feeling smooth, healthy and refreshed from head to toe. 

Sourced from the Southern Alps, New Zealand Glacial clay nurtures the skin by gently removing impurities. The exfoliants of coffee and ground walnut are added for visual effect as well as exfoliation.

Available as a soap on a rope.

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