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These are the perfect starter kit. No kitchen is complete without our LilyBee Wrap Set of Three. We handcraft each of our beautiful eco-friendly, reusable food wraps with everyday Kiwis in mind. Sustainably wrap cheese, half avocados, bowls, sandwiches, greens, and just about anything else you want to keep fresh the eco way. With every use of your Set of Three, you save the use of three pieces of plastic. That adds up fast!  Small steps like this change the world. Take the first steps towards a plastic-free environment with us. We are so excited to have you join our ever-growing LilyBee Family!

- XL wrap: 42cm by 42cm. This size is brilliant for large bowls, loaves of bread and those summertime halves of watermelon and other large fruit.

- Large wrap: 33cm by 33cm. Perfect for 1kg blocks of cheese, larger veg like half a pumpkin and large or double sandwiches.  

- Medium wrap: 26cm by 33cm. Ideal for standard sandwiches, bowls, smaller  blocks of cheese and cut fruit 

- Small wrap: 18cm by 22cm Great for snack-sized foods, soft cheeses, small bits, and pieces, this one always comes in handy!

Family Pack : XL L M S 

3 Pack : L M S 

Lunch Bag L : 19.5x22 cm

Lunch Bag M : 14.5x18cm